Camp OK Committee
Name  Division
Larry Ziska, Chair 19
Kelly Allen 9
Joann Feller 19
Jane Clingerman 7 & 8



  • Market effectively to clubs (brochures, DVD, etc.)
  • Handle all registration, follow-up and bookkeeping for the camp
  • Assess the experience and make recommendations for future camps
  • Report camp results at August annual meeting
  • Coordinate finances with Foundation Treasurer

Investment Committee
Name Division
John Woolson, Co-Chair 17
Roger Carlson, Co-Chair 17
Teri Layton 20
Larry Liska 19
Warren Spencer 21


  • Keep the board apprised of the performance of Foundation investments
  • Research new investment opportunities that meet the financial objectives of the Foundation

Legacy Society
 Name Division
Floyd Hutzell, Chair 2
Don Siffring 23
Jolene Ward 24
Gus Erickson 20


  •  Develop a marketing plan to solicit deferred giving from Kiwanis and general public
  • Develop materials to promote the society

Marketing and Public Relations
Name Division
Jerry Jordan 21
Jody Melcher 11
Jane Clingerman 7 & 8
Evan Mathews 14
Mary Langdon 13
Warren Spencer 21


  • Develop marketing materials to make members of the District and community more aware of the Foundation
  • Work with committees to develop materials for their publics
  • Develop programs and tools for trustees to use to promote the Foundation

Membership Committee
 Name Division
Curt Reis, Chair 6
Mary Langdon 13
Terry Virtue 5
Jack Crook 15
Marvel Dunaway 13


  • Develop a membership plan to increase numbers in all levels of active membership
  • Work with Marketing and Publications to develop promotional pieces to further the plan

Nominations Committtee
 Name Division
Hal Tuttle, Chair 4
Ron Stoen 13
Floyd Hutzell 2
Curt Reis 6
Bob Dunaway 10
Jerry Jordan 21


  • Replace yourself with someone within your Division
  • Replacements must be Life Members or higher in the Foundation
  • Replacements must be willing to adhere to the Trustee Guidelines of service to the Foundation
  • Replacement must be communicated to the Secretary before the August Annual Meeting

Development & Fundraising Committee
Name     Division
Bob Dunaway 10
Betty Borchardt 1
Julie Goodwin 22
Paul Brenner 3
George Phelps 18


  • Determine which employers within the District offer matches to employee contributions, and work with the Marketing and Public Relations Committee to develop promotional material to encourage participation
  • Research funding sources, and develop tools to access those funds